Workshops Management

Peats Ridge Festival

For several years I programmed and managed the General Workshops areas at Peats Ridge Music and Arts Festival, a new years, 3-day camping festival in New South Wales.

  General Workshops

To keep the inspiration flowing into the New Year, I programmed workshops such as goal-setting and attraction energy to help people achieve their resolutions, alongside festival favourites like juggling, choreography, dance, drumming, yoga and singing.

General Workshops Program

When the book “50 Shades of Grey” was the talk of the year – I engaged some kinky experts to perform an entertaining, adults-only workshop “50 Shades of Play” about communication, sexual play and most importantly, consent. This workshop was hugely popular with standing room only… especially with the Police, who decided to just “check-in” on us for the whole hour!


  • Budget management (talent, expenses, ticketing and area budget)
  • Talent procurement and engagement
  • Speaker research
  • Creation of a varied and entertaining 3-days General workshops program
  • Program scheduling around performer availability and event flow
  • Performer contract writing
  • Negotiation of contract terms
  • Performer and volunteer ticketing and credentials
  • Creating logistic, maps and run sheet for performers and volunteers
  • Volunteer briefing
  • Processing performer equipment and material requests
  • Volunteer rostering and care
  • All related administration such as run sheets, contact lists and budget tracking
  • On-site area management
  • PA and sound desk operation
  • Cueing choreographers music
  • Set-up and pack-down