Eco Living Workshops

Peats Ridge Festival

As well as the General Workshops areas at Peats Ridge Music and Arts Festival, a new years, 3-day camping festival in New South Wales over several years, I was also tasked with managing the Eco Living Workshops.

  Eco Living Workshops

The Eco Living Workshop program had two areas, one consisting of practical workshops and one presenter based, with environmental themed movies shown in the evening.

The Eco Living workshops were quite a distance away from the General Workshops and required clear pre-event communications and planning with volunteers.

Eco Living Workshops Program
Eco Living Village


  • Creation of an 3-day Eco zone program: 2 areas
  • Budget management (talent, expenses, ticketing and area budget)
  • Speaker research
  • Movie licence acquisition
  • Meeting sponsor for additional cash and material donations
  • Creation of signage brief for artist
  • Scheduling program against performer availability and event flow
  • Performer contract writing
  • Negotiation of contract terms
  • Performer and volunteer ticketing and credentials
  • Creating logistic, maps and run sheet for performers and volunteers
  • Volunteer briefing and delegation
  • Processing performer equipment and material requests
  • Volunteer rostering and care
  • All related administration such as run sheets, contact lists and budget tracking
  • On-site area management
Signage from reclaimed materials