Melbourne Cup Carnival

Project and Stakeholder Managent

Tofu Agency’s major annual project is producing social media video content for Melbourne Cup Carnival. The entire business effectively relocates to a portable on-site hut for three weeks alongside the Seven Network.

Over four race days, 6 film crews shoot video throughout the day and 4 editors work to produce several video packages for immediate social media upload and for future packages and a live 360 broadcast.

It’s high pressure and very exciting!

In consultation and collaboration with the production team, I investigated, analysed, developed and implemented the workflow process between camera crew and video editors.

This included introducing a standard way of labelling, tagging and archiving footage and on-line search and tracking documentation to ensure efficient file sharing and operational running.


Responsible for the move, I created the project timeline, furnishing plan and purchased all of the equipment to a set budget. I was also part of the bump-in team – and coordinator of all things IKEA!


  • Consulted with external on-site operations team to obtain a timeline for access, hut arrival, power supply and network specifications.
  • Consulted with internal teams regarding network loading and managing the coordination of crew timings to avoid network bottlenecks

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